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"Mosaics" consist of using many frames to piece together the camera pans. They come in a variety of sizes, can be either tall or wide, or have strange shapes such as curves or diagonals. In some cases, parts of them are missing due to the camera not moving in a straight line. Normally, you would only be seeing a fraction of these on screen at a time, but now you get to see the full images! This is the section that started it all.
"Backgrounds" consist of removing characters that could be blocking the original background in any given frame. I also remove episode titles. I don't add backgrounds that I didn't edit characters out of. If I ever discover that my background showed up in its entirety in another scene, then I take it down and eventually post it in "Screenshots." Unlike mosaics, backgrounds are generally the same size.
Here, you will find hundreds upon hundreds of unedited screenshots. Everything from characters, backgrounds, iconic shots... you name it! It's all here.
Hint: Use Shift-Click to open the images in a new window.
Here, you will find the many animation errors from the show, presented with funny captions and comments. This section was only made for fun and it's not my intention to offend the many talented people who worked on the show.
Retakes are animation errors that were corrected for later viewings. These errors only aired once and were never to be seen again... until now. You get side-by-side comparison shots and, in some cases, even videos. The original airings have terrible quality because they were recorded from one VHS to another, but hopefully, you'll find them enjoyable nonetheless.
It's all of the above screenshots... organized into categories, separated by characters and backgrounds! UNDER CONSTRUCTION.