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"Undecided Civilians"

Ah, the first retake from The Goliath Chronicles! The thing about these retakes is... they don't air in the United States.  I got these off the German dubs.  For some reason, Toon Disney doesn't air the corrected episodes.  As far as I know, these only aired once on ABC before the series was pulled. 

Anyway, these are the Nightwatch interviews at the beginning of the episode.  First off... 

This is Sarah Browne.  Just look at her face.  She looks pretty blank and unconcerned in the first screenshot, but look how worried she looks in the retake!  Now when she's talking about how concerned she is for her children, her face looks right!

Oh, and there are more cars in the back for some reason.  What's up with that?

This is the Jogger!  Again, notice the change in expression.  At first, he looks pretty happy, and even smiles a little when he talks about dissecting one of them.  But then... look how mad he looks!  Geez!  He sure hates the gargoyles, doesn't he?  

Do you sense a pattern here?  Everyone went from being completely unconcerned to actually showing some emotion!  Whoa!  Vinnie even looks angry when he talks about how he lost his job because of the gargoyles.  As he should be!!

This episode has a ton of retakes.  Be on the look-out for the others!