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"The Armor Speaks"

Just look at that big smile on Xanatos' armor!

This error just cracks me up.  You see the armor's "lips" moving as Xanatos speaks!  It must be a new feature added by Xanatos Enterprises!  Or maybe the animator previously worked on Transformers and thought all the robots did that.  Who knows?

It was like this during Xanatos' "I had no doubt about that.  I'm more worried about that beast of yours shredding my tapestry" talk.  After Goliath asks "What tapestry?" and Xanatos answers, the helmet goes back to normal.  I have no idea why it's like that in one scene but not the other.  I guess it's just another one of Gargoyles' little mysteries!

This retake is too good to pass up so I will be adding some videos soon!