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"The Mystery of the Scarab Bug"
Goliath: Xanatos, why did you just slip your hand under my wing?
Xanatos: What? I'm just patting you on the back.
Goliath: Then why are you holding on to me?
Xanatos: I don't know what you're talking about.
Goliath: Is there something I should know about you?
Xanatos: ...I just remembered, I have a meeting. Bye!

Here's the first blooper that spans two episodes! We don't get a lot of those...

So, Xanatos put a transmitter on Goliath in Awakening: Part III, just after he met Elisa for the first time. Elisa later found it on Goliath's back, in Awakening: Part IV. We all know the story... but the animation tells us something different!

You see, his wings were caped when Xanatos put the bug on him! Did Xanatos slip his hand under Goliath's wing or something? And Goliath never noticed this? But that's not all. The bug was planted minutes before sunrise. So, this means that the bug somehow phased through Goliath's wing, implanted itself on his shoulder blade, and stayed there throughout the day and didn't go flying off when Goliath woke up the next night!

Maybe it was... super-glue! With... phasing powers. Yeah...

Well, you got a better explanation? :P