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"Brooklyn's Missing Ear"
Brooklyn: [pondering]: Something feels off. Either my hair is suddenly growing out of my ears or...
Lexington: Look! That machine with wheels! And... Brooklyn's ear?!
Broadway: Whoa, it just got run over by that machine!
Brooklyn: Or... [sigh] I've somehow lost my ear. Well, this stinks.

They just colored his ear the same color as his hair. It's such a simple coloring error, and normally, I wouldn't have bothered to post it here, but the thing is... this frame is part of a mosaic. When I put that mosaic together (see link above), it was such a pain to color that ear that I simply could NOT give this blooper a pass! You can't see it in the mosaic but it's here... and it will always be here... as a reminder of the time I had to digitally reattach Brooklyn's ear!

You just don't forget something like that...