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"Who turned off the lights?"
Elisa: [sneaks back into The Great Hall] Who turned off the lights in here?!
Owen: Forgive me, but I did not expect you to sneak into the castle. Now I shall continue walking and pretend I never saw you. [turns the lights back on] Carry on!

So, Elisa sneaks back into The Great Hall. The place, as you can see from the first shot, is pretty well lit. So, the elevator doors open and we get... the second shot, and as you can see, it's pretty dark. How did the place get so dark so quickly? How come the lighting in both shots doesn't match, even though it's the same room? This scene has always made me wonder... who turned off the lights?

Maybe it was Owen! Or maybe Elisa went into a different room. Who knows?

To see the background from the first screenshot, click here.